Malfunctioning Appliance?

Arrange for an appliance repair in Cumming, GA

We've all been there - you open your fridge and instead of feeling a cool burst of air, there's an odor of spoilage. Or you find that your clothes are still soaking wet after a dryer cycle. Don't despair - North Star Appliance Repair And Service Inc. can get your devices working like new again. We also provide routine appliance maintenance in Cumming, GA and the surrounding areas. Regular maintenance can extend the service life of any appliance.

Count on us to fix all your appliance issues

You use a variety of appliances every day. If one of them breaks down, it could disrupt your routine. Thankfully, our team offers comprehensive appliance services. Trust us to provide long-lasting:



Don’t see the appliance you need help with listed above? Call us today at 404-552-3100 to find out if we can fix it.